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Dog medals

I needed some work that featured animals for my entry for the Schuler School of Fine Arts annual Fur to Feathers juried show, so I decided to try my hand at making some dog medals.  Medals were a traditional form of relief sculpture, be it human or animal portraits or in the more familiar form of the coins we use for currency.  I have been fascinated with a chapter in Edouard Lanteri’s “Modeling and Sculpting the Human Figure” that was about medals so this was the perfect opportunity to attempt using his technique.  So far, I’ve finished working in plastiline and will continue by casting it in plaster and then modifying the mold to get the detail I desire.  Here is what they look like currently:

This is Hank:


And this is Emily:


I said I’d finished, but I may go back and tweak the likeness of Hank.  In the mold I plan to add a simple border and will add their names to one version and leave one version plain.

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Alison Belt and this is the blog for my artist’s page.  I thought it would be fun to chronicle some of my working processes and keep people updated on the progress of my sculpture projects.  Sculpture is a much slower process than painting and there can be long gaps in between new works so this blog, perhaps, can give a small window into what’s going on at Scarlet Art Studio.  🙂