About The Artist


Alison Belt is a figurative sculptor in the classical realist style. She sculpts in both relief and in the round and has a fondness for portraiture.

Alison has shown her work at The Schuler School of Fine Arts and won an Honorable Mention for her relief “Inky and the Geisha” in their annual juried show Fur II Feathers (2012).

Alison attended the Schuler School of Fine Arts and graduated in 2003.  She has studied under sculptors Tylden Streett, Francesca Schuler Guerin. and Barry Johnston.  She was born in Lancaster, PA and has lived in Baltimore, MD for the past 16 years.


Artist Statement

I create to emulate my Creator.  Sculpture in clay is a personal communing with God and an expression of the wonderful gifts which He has bestowed upon me.    The human figure, the face in particular, has consumed me since childhood with an intense desire to portray what I see in this world.  The beauty, the sorrow and our inextricable connection to the Father.


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